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Klh model 5 2020

Resources saved on this page: MySQL I rebuilt the crossovers one at a time for testing comparison. Both crossovers had bad caps. I replaced the tweeters with the best I could find on eBay and tested them. The old tweeters were fried, which is not unusual on this model, and I found out why. After disassembly, I put a crossover on my spectrum analyzer with a full-range, pink-noise source.

There was also a -8dB saddle in the middle. Gee, I wonder why they fry tweeters. These are plastic. The midrange connections on the crossover measured fine in any switch position as did the woofer. The left rotary switch is a 12 position model with three sliding plates controlling the connections. The right rotary switch is also a 12 position switch of which only seven connections are used with two sliding plates.

So we have lots of permutations to trace. Without a correct schematic, I started drawing one. I started from the tweeter output side and then from the main inputs. First I found a loop that went nowhere. Then it got weird. I stopped.

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There were three possibilities: 1. Put a sign on the back of the speaker that says Never, ever use this position with an arrow. It will destroy your tweeters! Both speakers look great on the spectrum analyzer.

This whole process consumed about 30 hours, including lying in bed at night staring at the crossover and tracing in my mind. An interesting experience. The photos are of the metal backed they look earlier crossovers. Mine were plastic. According to KLH model 5 schematic fromthere is nothing unusual about the decrease knob position. Rotating SW1 Hz clockwisely, switches two 4 uF in series, parallel with addition of adding 0,4 mH as second order filter. SW2 increases spl of only very high frequencies.

One can source such 12 AWG high-quality teflon-coated wire, for about 70 cents a foot, from Steve at Apex Junior, on line. The best-sounding switch and contact, is to have NONE at all!!!

Of course, one can employ multiple film crossover capacitors, and better wire wound resistors, maybe even lower DCR chokes.Discussion in ' Speakers ' started by wphigginsMay 26, Log in or Sign up. Messages: Messages: 5, DswankeyMay 26, Messages: 2, Messages: 10, Location: High in the Custerdome. Yes, but since it's a long drive, make sure that all the drivers are original don't just ask the seller, compare pictures to some online.

Also get some assurance from the seller that they're not going to sell the speakers to someone else while you're on the way more than one AK'er has encountered a situation like that. Unless it's already been done, they'll need a little work: new capacitors in the crossover, clean the level controls, and possibly reseal the woofer surrounds. I'd do it. Will he let you listen to them when you get there?

That will likely tell you all you need to know. Messages: 2, Location: AR. At the asking price I would contact the seller and inquire about condition and functionality. If they answer properly and you are interested make the trip, but be cautious, seller's tend to lie sometimes, if so negotiate when you see and hear them. It's hard to find a decent pair of 5's anymore and they are very good speakers for the money. They are great speakers. I've had them for many years and never tire of them.

Strong following here on AK, too. I restored both of my pairs with new caps, the correct surround goo, rotated the woofers degrees, and deoxit for the switches. Oh, and I agree with what swecshler said. Those are considered great speakers, the price is right and swechsler speaks the truff.

DswankeyMay 28, There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic monaural and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room.

Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound. Scott ' Posta un commento.

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KLH model 5

What is stereo? KLH Model Five. Acoustic Suspension Speaker System. The KLH Model Five represents our best efort to make the highest level of loudspeaker performance available in a system of reasonable size and cost. It combines very wide frequency range, low distoetion and exceptionally uniform response across the audible frequency range. It offers the greatest low frequency and power handling capabilities of all KLH bookshelf size speaker systems. And its high frequncy response and dispersion provide the impression of an open, completely unrestricted sound source, with fullmusical definition of even the most complex and demanding orchestral material.

It is finished on four sides, and may be used vertically or horizontally on the floor or wall. Its impedance is 8 ohms, allowing efficient power transfer from solid-state amplifiers. And its power demands suggested minimum; 25 watts IHF music power per channel are well within the capabilitles of good amplifiers of both tube and transistor design.

The low frequency speaker is a inch driver with heavy cone and magnet assemblies. Its cone is a critically controlled mixture of cotton and wood pulps, wool and asphalt.

Like other KLH acoustic suspension speaker, it does not rely on the stiffness of a conventional outer cone suspension to control the motion of its cone at low frequencies.

Instead, it uses the acoustic stiffness of the air trapped within its tightly sealed cabinet to supply the necessary restoring force for the cone. This "air spring" is far more linear in action than the best mechanical speaker suspensions, and reinforces the cone's ability to make accurate axcursions over long distance to reproduce the lowest frequencies without distortion.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled.

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klh model 5 2020

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klh model 5 2020

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I have had it for about 10 years now. Initially, I had put a Shure s25c cart in it. Which worked perfect for me. However, there had ways been problems with the pre amp circuit. The Right channel was very over powering and the bass levels were extreme and distorted. Note, the problem was also experienced with the aux input being used too. A rule out that it was not from the photo pick up circuit.

To over come this issue, I would have to keep the balance know in the 8 - 9 oclock position.

Reviewing KLH Albany Speakers; Sound and Value

Not 12 which was the normal. Recently, I purchased a recap electronic board, from a non-suitcase model I figured the electronics should be exactly the same. After the swap, I tested out the aux inputs. Both channels were balanced and the bass control was not blown to full max after the 12'oclock position as it was before on the right channel. However now, the phono pick up is completely distorted. The only thing that comes to mine is the phono pick up is of a different than on the original board.

From my understanding, the KLH model elevens used magnetic carts at a very early time. My suit case model 11 is a very early serial number, and the head shell looks different from other model 11s that I have seen, regarding other suit case and fixed model 11s.

I have two photos below from other units, the head shell on my model 11 is on the right below, where the more common is on the bottom.

Just providing these items for clarification. Could someone help explain to me that might be going on here? I apologize for not being specific here. My questions Does the head shell indicate a difference in the internal components as well? If not, then were there slight differences in the internal components from the suit case model to the shelf model?

Posted: Feb Tue 04, pm. Post photos of the components on each of the two boards. Also post photos of the replacement board underside to see if there are cold solder joints. What brand and model of phono cartridge is installed on the changer you bought to harvest the board?

Is it ceramic or magnetic? And before you pulled the board out of the replacement unit, did that unknown cartridge work with its board in place? The slimmer headshell was a slightly newer version, but both are the same from what I remember.

The later version with the slim headshell was a lower mass tonearm. Posted: Feb Wed 05, pm.For most music lovers, KLH is an iconic brand they associate with fond memories of affordable over-achieving speakers. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann. Among their most well-known innovations were the first full range electrostatic speaker, the Model Nine, and the price-to-performance champion of the early seventies, the Model Six.

Now here we are in and Dave Kelley, formerly of Klipsch, has come out of retirement to re-launch KLH with a new lineup of loudspeakers. This decision to use acoustic suspension is a nod to Henry Kloss, who helped popularize this design with the Acoustic Research AR-1 speakers. While most bookshelf speakers of this size and price opt for a rear-ported design, using acoustic suspension offers several unique advantages. One advantage is increased flexibility in placing and positioning these speakers.

KLH recommends a distance of at least 12 inches away from any wall, which is pretty forgiving. The design features a 5. This faceplate aids with imaging performance and ensures a wide treble dispersion. Lastly, and not expected at this price but certainly appreciated, the cabinets are flawlessly finished with real wood veneer available in black oak or walnut, and there are dual binding posts for bi-wiring.

The first attribute I noticed about the Albany speakers presentation is the amount of air and delicacy in the treble. The midrange is uncolored, with no unnatural or artificial boosting of any frequencies. Their performance with intimately recorded piano jazz also exceeded my expectations and was thoroughly enjoyable.

The bass response is on the cool side of neutral, with clean tuneful bass that is never boomy or loose. If you are not accustomed to tight and somewhat lean bass, you might interpret the bass response to be lacking or thin. Overall, the Albany speakers offer above-average coherence, a wide soundstage, and impressive imaging performance.

Rhythmically, they kept my foot tapping and never sounded dull or slow. Along with their neutral tone, I also find them to be transparent, providing a clean and detailed soundstage for your favorite performances. The overall fit and finish of these speakers are much more than what you would expect.

I think the most important thing to consider though is the price-to-performance ratio. There are, however, some limitations to their performance, of course. Yes, absolutely. All in all, I was impressed.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.KLH Model 21 - No stations. Posted: Jan Sat 18, pm. Hello all, new here. Picked up a Model 21 from an estate sale and it turns on, volume control works, treble and bass works but it doesn't pick up any stations. Just static throughout the whole range of the tuner. Internet research hasn't led me to much, mostly instances where a certain range of the tuner doesn't work.

Anybody have an idea of what can be issue with this scenario?

klh model 5 2020

Seems to be in good condition otherwise. Guess I'm hoping this is an easy fix, I'm not well versed in EE or anything so if I shouldn't touch anything please let me know. The tuner seems to be different than from what I've seen online and from the service manual floating around the internet.

Doesn't look like a TRF Aug 7, is the date stamp and it's not a Model 21 II. Posted: Jan Sun 19, am. VHF FM only - did you connect an antenna to the two terminals on the back? No I haven't tried an external antennae yet. Thought the internal one should work, I've got another solid state radio from the same era that picks up stations beautifully.

I'll try the external though, thanks! Posted: Jan Sun 19, pm. Thought the internal one should work. It appears that they connect the antenna terminal to the line cord via a capacitor - this is fine if you live close to the transmitter but is more likely to pick up noise than a proper dipole. Posted: Jan Mon 20, am. An FM receiver wouldn't necessarily have any kind of internal antenna.

If it has two screw connectors on the back labeled, "antenna", you can simply try connecting a length of wire to each, at least a few feet long, and should then be able to get a few stronger stations. As already mentioned Posted: Jan Mon 20, pm. How about a basic "aliveness check"? If you crank up the volume, is there any kind of noise? If so, does it change with tuning? What kind of test equipment do you have?

When I bought my model 21, it had the same issue. Problem was in the RF board. Not one, but two dead transistors. The guy at the antique shop said it just needed an antenna, but connecting one did not make any difference. Just that wooshing sound you get when you are between stations. Download the service manual for this radio.

It is full of clear schematics and lots of helpful info. I have mine next to my bed. Make sure you put the pillow back in or it will not sound as good. Posted: Jan Tue 21, am.

I acquired a ohm dipole antenna and plugged it into the lugs, unplugged the other wire.


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